Connecting Drama with Language Arts

Students in Davenport connecting drama with language arts

Connecting Drama with Language Arts is the easiest connection across all disciplines because drama is the missing link in literacy.  Drama was the first way in which humans shared their history, myths, and stories.  Before the printing press, the written word, or perhaps before spoken language, man enacted his thoughts through movement and sound.  Sound became speech … Read more

What is Arts Integration?

For my purpose here, I’m defining curriculum integration as the combination of two or more subjects with each subject addressed equally.  When all objectives are addressed from each subject, this results in more natural connections which improve the learning of each other. Often subjects, specifically the arts, are used to merely enhance another subject. This is … Read more

New Drama Articles Section Added

Drawing on her years of experience in arts integration, Karen Erickson is writing short articles on topics related to drama education.  We created a new Drama Articles section on sister site for uploading these columns.  We invite your comments or requests for future topics – just contact us.   The one uploaded this past week is titled “Tips … Read more

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started…

…at our Getting Started section on OneStopDramaShop. You can do this! Creative Directions's four level drama and learning program makes it accessible to all educators and facilitators. We have now added a Getting Started [requires membership] section, which will familiarize you with the Erickson Drama/ Learning Program, useful drama terms, and the materials available. Find activities, stories, personal development possibilities and enrichment … Read more

Drama Search & Filter System on

Find drama activities and stories for your upcoming lessons or workshops, using one or more of these drama search criteria:  Grade Level Concepts Skills Integration Ideas Room/Space Needs Our new search filter system for drama materials on is up and running.  This search system puts these drama materials right at your fingertips so you will quickly find what you … Read more

Exclusive Content Available Only on

Now announcing new activities and stories available exclusively on the member site. Beginning to mine her decades of drama archives, Karen Erickson is sharing several tested-and-true activities and stories for the first time. These previously unpublished gems will add value to those who already own her books as well as those new to her integration methods. Register and login to for immediate access. Everyday we seek to … Read more