Find a drama curriculum with RELEVANCE

Newly uploaded, our first full drama curriculum GETTING STARTED WITH DRAMA has now been made available to subscribers on  For leaders new to drama or those working with students who are, beginning here lifts you off to the best start.  Both teachers and drama educators praise the curriculum for its comprehensiveness and ease of use.  Within each drama lesson and activity, support for classroom management, assessment, student engagement, and teaching techniques have been provided as well.

Getting started with dramaIf you are more advanced in drama or you are ready to move beyond the GETTING STARTED WITH DRAMA introductory lessons, we then urge you to check out the full Erickson/Drama Learning Curriculum.  The Curriculum is sequenced from grade to grade and spirals learning within each grade level (fall to winter, to spring.)  The curriculum builds skills and knowledge one step at a time with each lesson connected to the one before.

Maybe you already have a sequence that is successful and just need new ideas.  We recognize one size does not fit all, so we also offer additional material to assist you in customizing your own lessons and adding to your already existing curriculum.

In addition, our drama curriculum also aligns to the National Core Arts Standards.  Use this material with the confidence that you will shape student learning and achievement in dance, media arts, music, theater, and visual arts.

Our purpose is to reach and teach essential content in the arts.

COMING SOON:  integration ideas for drama educators and classrooms!