Our Work in Arts Education

For over 45 years, the Creative Directions team has been working to teach, facilitate, and integrate the arts in schools and communities by providing professional development opportunities and resources to teachers, administrators, support staff, parents, and artists.

What We Do

Because we are passionate about arts education and the impact the arts have on learning, we are committed to:

  • Supporting educators who teach the arts (K-12) in developing curriculum to meet standards, assessment, and integrated lessons/units of study.
  • Forming both short-term and long-term partnerships with teachers and schools to advance arts integration and drama instruction.
  • Offering in-depth training in drama education for teachers who are new to the art form.
  • Working with administrators to restructure the arts in their schools and throughout their districts.
  • Training artists to work in and with schools.
  • Providing strategic planning for arts organizations and schools.
  • Facilitating team building and group dynamics workshops for teachers, administrators, and partnerships.
Designing and Delivering Improvisation
bullying & the bystander

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