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Creative Directions' goal is to encourge arts integration and drama instruction into school culture in order to advance learning, creative thinking, collaborative problem solving, and leadership; we achieve this through forming sustainable partnerships with schools, arts organizations, artists, and communities.

For over 45 years, we have been working to teach, facilitate, and integrate the arts in schools and communities. We have provided teaching strategies for classroom management and drama lesson plans to people around the world.

Now, with technology, we can provide our experience to many people through our Membership site which contains a variety of drama materials and teaching strategies. Join today and benefit from our wealth of knowledge!


Drama Challenges with Younger Students

While we typically associate drama with spontaneity, I've found structure more effective when working with younger children.  Kids of younger age prefer routines -  to know what to expect out ...
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Ever had a student say “I’m done” and stop early?

Many educators encounter the "I'm Done" student in teaching situations. When students are new to drama or a new skill is being introduced, there will inevitably be the “I’m done” ...
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