Creative Directions offers many flexible programs for classroom management. Schools and communities are free to choose whichever option best fits their needs. Research shows that professional development is most effective when it includes observation, feedback, and on-going support. As such, we encourage you to combine options from the categories above.





Hazard! Bullies at Work

Is there bullying at your school? Creative Directions offers a community-engaging solution to bullying, complete with an original script and several companion workshops for both teachers and students.

Click HERE for more information about this unique program.

Keynote Topics

Creative Directions' Executive Director Karen L. Erickson is available for keynote presentations on a variety of exciting topics. Click HERE for a list of topics.



"Karen, the unit plan I created after your seminar was really exciting! … By lesson 3 the students THEMSELVES were asking questions at the beginning of the lesson that prompted exactly what we were about to explore! The idea of the problem (and what the resolution might be) completely captivated them…I have honestly never experienced such a cohesive unit before."

– Sarah Cave, Teaching Artist


NEW! Online Workshops ("Who's the Hero?" Parts 1 and 2)

Join us for a LIVE, online teacher workshop, focusing on the topic of bullying. You'll learn dynamic, engaging techniques for diffusing bullying through drama — all without the hassel of transportation or set-up. Click HERE to learn more.

Learn more about our new, anti-bullying workshops — available both in-person and online!