Arts Integration Conference

Karen is going to the Kennedy Center June 25-27 to present at the Arts Integration Conference.  She will be presenting “Drama!  The Missing Link in Teaching Literacy” for two sessions, during which she will cover Word Study, Context Clues in Literature, and Writing with Details.   Karen will also be leading a session called “Laying the Foundation … Read more

Arts Workshops

October 5-6: Karen will be in South Carolina presenting four workshops. Two of those sessions focus on digging deeper into arts integration as participants think about the characteristics that separate an arts integrated lesson from mere arts enhancement. Two additional workshops will be examples of science-drama integration with one having an emphasis on mechanical science, … Read more

Basics of Arts Assessment

Karen heads to Appleton, Wisconsin for an intensive day delivering the basics of arts assessment. She’ll be working with art educators and a group of teachers from a school transitioning to an arts focused school.

Training in China II

Karen returns to China to introduce Drama integration strategies along with Pamela Bowell from the United Kingdom, who brings her expertise in working with language and drama.  Over 40 teachers will participate in learning to deliver literature, work with phonics, and introduce vocabulary though dramatic play.

Arts Integration Conference

Karen will be working with teachers from across the country in arts integration.  She will be leading the Kennedy Center’s seminar, Laying a Foundation for Arts Integration, as well as presenting her workshops titled Powerful Partners:  Drama and Writing and The Drama of Science.  In addition she will be conducting a session with the Senior … Read more

Kennedy Center Seminars

Karen will be leading two Kennedy Center Seminars: Planning Effective Residencies and Lesson Design, both for area teaching artists interested in taking their work in classrooms to a deeper level.

Midwestern Conference on Arts Integration

Consider joining Karen at the Midwestern Conference on Arts Integration which is open now for people to apply alone or in teams.    She will also be presenting an all-day pre-conference event (June 13th) on anti-bullying through the arts entitled:  Using Drama and Music to Confront Bullying and Build a Culture of Competence  with Kennedy Center … Read more

Training in China I

Karen begins an intensive course with teachers in China on the theory and practical applications of drama in the classroom.  This first visit introduces teachers to the pedagogy of the art form as they learn to design their own curriculum.

Drama the Missing Link

March 17 Karen is off to New Jersey where she will be presenting, morning and afternoon, her workshop called “Drama the Missing Link in Teaching Literacy.”  Each session will be geared specifically to a grade level band, morning K-3; afternoon 4-8.

Intensive course for first grade teachers

February 21-22 Karen returns once more to Hartford, Connecticut where she concludes her day three course with the first grade teachers and provides another day of demonstrations.  This finishes her course for 70+ first grade teachers in the Hartford schools.  The third installment of this program has teachers exploring various ways to integrate simple drama activities … Read more