“It was also wonderful to see how easily we can all be a part of drama even though we may never have seen or thought of ourselves to be great actors.”
– Workshop participant at Medgar Evans school in Chicago, IL

A teacher at Medgar Evans school in Chicago, IL mentors another teacher using the Creative Directions' drama techniques.Custom-made Workshops

For over 35 years, Karen has been providing high quality professional development across the United States and abroad.  Below is a list of the types of workshops Karen provides.  Click the category to view the complete list of workshops: 

NEW! Check out our new, anti-bullying workshop — available both in-person and online.

If you don't see what you need, then request a custom-made workshop.  Our current workshops can be altered to fit the target learning of your students or staff, a specific time-frame, or participants who teach a specific grade or art form.  We can also create something new that fits with the goals of your school, district or organization. 

For more information, to order a workshop, or discuss custom tailored workshops or programs, contact us.