Kennedy Center Workshops

Creative Directions' Executive Director Karen L. Erickson is a certified workshop and seminar leader for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.  These programs are available across the country.

This PDF HERE (external link) shows the full list of Karen's workshops and seminars offered through the Kennedy Center.  Many of the Kennedy Center’s professional development offerings are based on a philosophy and practice of teaching called arts integration.  A brief summary of the workshops available:

  1. THE DRAMA OF SCIENCE – In this workshop, participants explore a step-by-step process of integrating science concepts and drama strategies in the classroom.
  2. DRAMA: THE MISSING LINK IN TEACHING LITERACY – In this workshop, teachers discover how to build vocabulary skills, improve reading comprehension, and expand writing techniques through drama integration.
  3. GETTING STARTED WITH DRAMA INTEGRATION: PART 1, THE BASICS – This workshop provides an answer for teachers new to integrating drama or experienced teachers who are looking for alternative ways to integrate drama.
  4. GETTING STARTED WITH DRAMA INTEGRATION: PART 2, MANAGING AND CREATING THE LESSON – Picking up where Part 1 left off, this workshop demonstrates how the drama process can be transferred to students by introducing a model for independent planning and practicing.
  5. INTEGRATING DRAMA WITH THE EARLY CHILDHOOD CURRICULUM –  In this hands-on workshop, teachers examine a series of “playful” lessons that demonstrate a variety of drama techniques that make connections to early childhood curriculum content.
  6. POWERFUL PARTNERS: IMPROVING STUDENT WRITING THROUGH DRAMA – Guide students on the path to improved writing through the integration of creative drama techniques.
  7. WHO’S THE HERO? CONFRONTING BULLYING THROUGH THE ARTS – Karen Erickson guides teachers through the subject of bullying through visual image work, poetry, movement, and short improvisational scenes.
  8. LAYING A FOUNDATION: DEFINING ARTS INTEGRATION –  This session unpacks the Kennedy Center’s definition and gives you the opportunity to uncover the characteristics of quality integration.

The Partners in Education program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is designed to assist arts organizations throughout the nation to develop or expand educational partnerships with their local school systems.  For more information about The Kennnedy Center's Partners in Education Program, click this link to discover how this program can help you.