Laying a Foundation: Defining Arts Integration

March 8-9, at Hartford Performs, in Hartford, Connecticut, Karen will be presenting  Laying a Foundation: Defining Arts Integration, as well as her Language Arts and Drama integrated workshop entitled: Drama! The Missing Link in Teaching Literacy.

Drama of Science workshop

February 24, Karen heads to Castaic school in California to present her Drama of Science workshop for 1-8th grades.

The Drama of Science for teachers

February 22-24, Karen heads to California, Santa Clarita, to present The Drama of Science for teachers of K-2 and then a second version for teachers of grades 3-8.  There will be demonstration teaching in the classroom so teachers can see the work in action.

Midland Center for the Arts

February 2-3, Karen heads to Midland Center for the Arts in Midland, Michigan where she will be conducting a three hour workshop, Getting Started With Drama Integration for teachers, and working in 6 classrooms demonstrating drama teaching techniques.

Gather for Halloween

Karen will be working at Gather:  An Urban Retreat in Evanston, Illinois telling Halloween stories and poems, one of which she has written and can be found in our stories section, "The Ghost Who Couldn't Scare."  You can check out Gather at

Ingenuity Workshop in Chicago

I continue my work with Ingenuity, inc in Chicago and many administrators and teaching artists from Chicago City and area Arts Organizations as they create student assessments corresponding with the missions of their organizations while meeting state and national standards.

Professional Development for Teachers

I will be presenting my Professional Development for teachers entitled, "Drama! the Missing Link in Teaching Literacy. I will also be conducting 6 classroom demonstration sessions that correspond with the workshop.

Kennedy Center Teaching Artists Program

I will be presenting an 8 hour seminar to Teaching Artists on the "what" of Arts Integration. I will be sharing a sample lesson to the Artists showing the connections among writing, speaking, and drama with an emphasis on adding sensory details.