Anti-bullying workshop

January 16-20 Karen is off to Peoria, Arizona to present her anti-bullying through the arts workshop called, “Who’s The Hero?”  She will be presenting that workshop several times followed by many classroom demonstrations.

Integrating drama with science

December 6-7 is a return trip for Karen to Hartford, Connecticut.  This visit finds Karen working with a STEAM school on integrating drama with science.  There will be a workshop followed the next day by demonstrations in the classroom.

Intensive course for first grade teachers

On Nov 8-10, Karen will be in Hartford, Connecticut, where she will be leading the second session of an intensive course for first grade teachers.  The teachers will be building on the first session where they explored teaching basic foundational skills by delving into guiding stories from their curriculum through dramatic play.  There will be three demonstration sessions in the classrooms on day … Read more

PD for classroom teachers

Karen Erickson will be in Sarasota Florida on October 24-25, leading a professional development for classroom teachers on moving beyond tableau, taking students into adding dialogue and movement to enact a story.

Kennedy Center’s National Arts Integration Conference

Karen will be presenting in D.C. for Kennedy Center’s National Arts Integration Conference her two workshops for teachers entitled “Drama! The Missing Link in Teaching Literacy” and “The Drama of Science.” These workshops will be repeated several times over the three days.

Laying a Foundation: Defining Arts Integration

June 21, Karen heads to Iowa City to present two dynamic workshops for teachers, Laying a Foundation: Defining Arts Integration, and “Who’s the Hero? Confronting Bullying Through the Arts.

Laying a Foundation: Defining Arts Integration

June 15-16, Jacksonville, Florida is the next stop of Karen’s tour where she presents two full day Kennedy Center workshops for Teaching Artists:  Laying a Foundation:  Defining Arts Integration and Anatomy of a Lesson:  Designing Instruction.

Drama! The Missing Link in Teaching Literacy

April 16,  Karen connects Language Arts to Drama in two of her popular workshops for the teachers of Shreveport, Louisiana:  Drama! The Missing Link in Teaching Literacy  and Powerful Partners Drama and Writing for teachers of grades 1-12.

Anatomy of a Lesson: Designing Instruction

March 15, Karen shares an 8 hour Kennedy Center workshop, Anatomy of a Lesson:  Designing Instruction,with teaching artists at the Atlanta, Georgia Boys and Girls Club of America.