Midwestern Conference on Arts Integration

Consider joining Karen at the Midwestern Conference on Arts Integration which is open now for people to apply alone or in teams.    She will also be presenting an all-day pre-conference event (June 13th) on anti-bullying through the arts entitled:  Using Drama and Music to Confront Bullying and Build a Culture of Competence  with Kennedy Center teaching artist Stuart Stotts.

Details on the June 13th pre conference anti – bullying session:  In this six-hour pre-conference session participants will work collaboratively to create musical, dramatic, and poetic performance pieces that address issues of bullying and building strong community. We’ll start with considering our own knowledge and experience about these issues and uncovering what research and practice has shown about them. We will then explore a variety of art forms, including lyric writing, story, and drama, in order to create performance pieces which we will share with other conference attendees later in the week. In addition, we will reflect on how you can use this process to guide conversations with students about confronting bullying and building resilient and productive classroom and school communities.

Here is a little about the main conference on June 14-15 where she will be presenting Drama: The Missing Link in Teaching Literacy (grades 1-8) and Integrating Drama with the Early Childhood Curriculum (PK-K):

The second Midwestern Conference on Arts Integration will bring together teachers, administrators, teaching artists, and other interested educators to explore the meaning and practice of arts integration in schools. Held at Madison’s beautiful Overture Center for the Performing Arts, featuring hands-on workshops, panels of practitioners, and opportunities for problem solving and planning, the conference will provide inspiration and practical approaches to implementing arts-integrated instruction.

Arts integration, with its focus on creativity and connections between art forms and curricular areas, has been shown to improve student engagement and achievement. A growing movement of schools worldwide have adopted it as a central feature of instruction.

Teaching artists and administrators from the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, and participants and presenters from around the Midwest will be sharing their expertise. Come to learn and share about this powerful and innovative approach to teaching.