Criticism and Critique Blog Post

Criticism and Critique blog

Criticism and critique in drama employ analysis, interpretation, and evaluation skills which rank high on Bloom’s taxonomy. These deepen students’ thinking.  It is essential that criticism be constructive and not personal or highly negative.  Read my latest post “Introducing Criticism and Critique in Drama” for more about the way we introduce these skills in our 4th grade lessons.

Classroom Management Series

classroom management series

Classroom Management Series: Group Work with Young Students Facilitating small group work with young students in drama can be challenging.  It is really at about eight years when students strongly desire to team, listen, and negotiate with their peers.   This means that group work for younger students needs to be carefully designed and guided.  Read my … Read more

Include the Arts in Education!

include the arts in education

Do you believe the Arts should be included in children's education?  Ninety (90%) percent of people recently polled* think…Yes! We heartily agree: include the arts in education.  We've been doing that for >40 years.  We're here to help. If drama education is not included in your local schools, get your educators involved.  Our website was … Read more

Connecting Drama with Language Arts

Students in Davenport connecting drama with language arts

Connecting Drama with Language Arts is the easiest connection across all disciplines because drama is the missing link in literacy.  Drama was the first way in which humans shared their history, myths, and stories.  Before the printing press, the written word, or perhaps before spoken language, man enacted his thoughts through movement and sound.  Sound became speech … Read more

What is Arts Integration?

For my purpose here, I’m defining curriculum integration as the combination of two or more subjects with each subject addressed equally.  When all objectives are addressed from each subject, this results in more natural connections which improve the learning of each other. Often subjects, specifically the arts, are used to merely enhance another subject. This is … Read more